About Us


PM2C publishes mobile applications and web platforms driven by users who hate SPAM, but still want to shop for the things they love

All of our digital platforms have in common

Dynamic Personalization – where users train and machines learn over time

Purposeful Value – our commitment to conscious capitalism and back giving is at the core of our business

Localized Insight – We know your community and our system learns with every user action

Delightful Prediction – It knows you because you teach it

Respect for Each Person – We don’t sell our users personal information, we allow users to curate the systems and manage the way their information is used


Imagine that your next customers are lining up waiting to engage and buy your products and services

Each Digital Advertising Platform published by PM2C– whether mobile or web based – allows users to indicate their shopping preferences, let’s advertisers know they are in your service area, ready to purchase, and just looking for the right place to buy it.

Our Platforms Enable:

Hyper-Targeting – identifying only those users who have the intent and opportunity to purchase your products right now

Machine Learning – users train the system to find the merchants and places in which they have immediate interest

Offer Sharing – a means for users to push an offer to a friend who they believe will have an interest – multiplying your advertising

Offer Saving – a way to make each ad last by allowing users to save an interesting offer in their wallet, making each display of your ad durable and more valuable

Extreme Analytics – we understand and learn every action or inaction with an ad and that data will guide you to the right offer for each user

Low Cost / High Value – our advertising rates are highly competitive, making user interactions with your offers lower than market cost, higher than market value

To learn more about our digital platforms, email us at advertise@pm2c.net